Bio-Scope on Henna

Geeks are not followers, and women who are geeks do not use chemicals either.
Bio-scope is sharing good tips on how to be the best looking geek.

Ok,We need to talk about your hair because they seem kind of damage.
If you ever had any colour recently you should think twice before reading this because this page is made for natural hair.
It may seems strange to you to read that but honestly colours are full of damaging products. So you should start by stopping dowing anything to it.
Why? is that a true question? because if you are looking for a real look you should stop treating them badly with all that chemicals.
I mean it.
When I was young and influenced by adds I was wandering how to get myself looking at least a bit better and I was doing all that funny stuff to my hair. Shame on my ignorance.
Yes, I kind of have nasty picture of it to show you. if you are interested of course.
Ok, let stop chat about that crazy habit to listen to your hairdresser and let’s listen to the new wave: BioScope.
How to have nice strong hair even if your hair are kind of weak.
Do like Indians do for century, there is a cosmetic reason for treating hair with henna, it is like a soft pellicule of protection around them that strenght them.

Cut of a hair protected by Henna

Very well.How would they get that kinda crazy good looking hair if not with henna?
Now I am going to get into details.
Buy it first: I mean henna powder not these fake coulouring product, ok less affort and selling you results without chemicals, but still there are some of it in it.
Yeah, there are?
So buy the real stuff and get prepaired I mean it. :)
now buy plastic gloves, otherwise you have a risk to find a ugly pair of hands which may be yours after all.
This can be a cheap one. But get soft and thin ones because you have to feel wht you are doing!
next step is to find in your kitchen something that can help you twist the mix. in wood could be much better. Because iron and silver and other metal could badly oxyde your mixture.

Red for blonds is very strong

A nice ceramic bowl could make it too if only big enough because the powder can really spraid every where and you would not like that.
Now get water boil very hot and spread it in the bowl of henna until you get it soft but not too much because I would like to add some advice to it.
You should get yoghurt in it if you hair are dry and even a spoon of olive oil if these are very damaged.
Hotness will get the product active so like a friend told me recently that she was doing it with cold water… it is not possible! Very hot water is a clue in the process.
Now what is the colour of henna ou shoud choose for yourself. I know this can seems a tricky or stupid question.
Whatever I have some answers for those who wonder:
blond girls can do henna but you will never get any shade under the one you naturally have.
because it is a thin pellicule added and it s not getting any INTO your hair structure.
But blond can be great on light brown girl to add reflections, even for a darked hair girl like me it is cool to have these reflexions.
OOOOoooHHHH yeah!
Yes, no chemical needed to have reflexion. isn’t it a great super news?
Yes it is!
So you can do blond but as dark your hair are as long you will try to keep the product on your head.
Because the product is more active when kept longer.
This works for the rest, if ou have more than 20 percent of white hair do not think of it.
unless you would have liked to be called HULK, I was called like that at my first henna so trust me.
and thanks guys at school for you compassion…
The redish look is for those who dare but it can be lightening and soft on dark hair.
copper colours and stuff are great on red hairs getting a stronger llok and stronger hair in the same time is a good idea isn’t it.

Now you washed your hair (better for it to get on to it)
You dryed it, i know drying your hair is drying them too but you are going to feed them for hours and months afterwards so what is the problem.

Fluidity of the mixture is good but do not exagerate

And now we are going to be practical.
get a ground that cannot be dangered by pieces of henna because this is stroungly colouring everything!
or put a plastic on it.
The clue with henna is that after the application it get active by drying.
Yes far far different from chemical: think natural ;) ok! So let it breathe by not covering it… you will see it falling everywhere so try to prepare a restricted area for yourself.

My favourite option is to cut the time by drying my hair cover by henna with a comb until it is dry.

For the application alone, I would choose to lie on your knees and work from the floor.
Get your head down and put it from the roots first. Everywhere, at the end only I will spread the Henna to the end.
Now I can tell you this is kind of heavy, and I will provide advice to your neck about it.
Some ladies have soft shoulders who cannot handle this for a long time so there is a very good technique.
So the comb option is also good for that: oh yes you can.
it will fastened the process.
But do not wash them with shampoo until first removing the powder with water between an half an hour after finishing application and more accordingly to the colour you wanna get. When the water has removed the product dry them and stay as long as possible like that.
(sleeping with it is an option but it can get ugly be carefull)
Then you can wash your hair and dry them again yes, because the henna loves hotness and it is getting stronger with it.

Darlings, if you are loosing your hairs and not only but having hair problem like dry skin:
this is colouring your scalp too, so it will hide for some times too… isn’t it a great idea?
But beware of the Hulk style ;) for hair that were damaged by chemical and lightened by them before!

Ok my only last advice would be to try once and again later. Because with henna ou get to personnal use.
I could not live without it anymore, trust me this was a clue for my dry hair and it gives me volumes too.
I am not a perfect geek, but I will share with you all I know about not beeing a sheep in the world.
Do not believe anything but your instinct. that is a trust that has lead me only to very great things!
See you ladies.
Soon i hope for another trip on how to be goodlooking without adds;)

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