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Lucjan Wiecek, Lead Environmental Artist CD Projekt RED S.A

2i (2nd-impact): Hi Lucjan, many thanks to have a small break with us, and we wish you a warm welcome to 2nd-impact. Could you introduce yourself?

Lucjan: Hi, my name is Lucjan Więcek and I’m 34 years old. I’ve been working in graphics since 1996. I’m a Lead Level Artist at CDP RED Studio. My interests revolve around composition, photography and movies – I rely on my interests a lot when I work on games’ production. I also play piano, guitar – I like traveling to different, exotic places that are not frequented by tourists. This allows me to meet a lot of interesting people involved in local folklore.

2i: First, the same question of every guest… What is the last song you choosed to listen?

Lucjan: Recently I’ve been haunted by “Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know” again and this is the first and the last song on my list.

2i: What was your first computer/game and first video game?

Lucjan: It was a console. It was some sort of no-name system, and the game was Space Invaders”. Then I went to “Comanche” and “Command & Conquer: Red Alert” which caused me to lose a lot of sleep because of the lan network me and my friends set up in my room.

2i: Can you tell us the story of CdProjekt & RED? Why and when did you start to make video games?

Lucjan: History of the RED Studio goes all the way back to 2002. That’s when we started working on the original Witcher. You can’t create a high quality game without many different specialists on board. As I mentioned before I became a graphic in 1996 – I started with visualization. After a while I became interested in video games graphics It’s always been an interesting topic for me, I’ve always been curious how is it done. I found out that a company based near where I lived at that time was looking for environment artists. I went there and took the test – after that I was hired. That’s how it all started Since then I followed this path.

Nice Office isn t? I want to Work here!! Not you?

2i: How can you describe your job in CdProjekt ?

Lucjan: I can describe it with one word; CREATIVE. We’ve always paid attention to original and solid ideas. I can put my whole knowledge to use while working on a project, expand it via other team members’ ideas and see final results.

2i: What was your first game from Cdprojekt? and your first success?

Lucjan: The first game from CDP was the first Witcher. And our first success? I think in every man’s life there comes a moment when you have to ask yourself, what do you want to do for a living. When I was a teenager I struggled for a long time trying to find my calling, and I think that finding out what I wanted to do was a huge success for me. In my case it was even better because I started working in a field that also was my hobby.

2i: In one month, we can play for the very first time to « The Witcher 2″ on Xbox360. The development of this port has been announced more than a year, what were the biggest diffuculties for all the team?


Lucjan: The adaptation we made required a lot of work. We really wanted the game to feel native to the console. We did our best to give console players the same quality experience that PC users had. I think we really made one of the best looking RPGs for consoles. Our development policy was no quality compromise – so the 360 gamers will receive the same mature, complex and story-driven game as their PC friends.

2i: What are the major new features compared to version Pc?

Lucjan: First of all PC users will receive the new content too – as a free update. So what is the most interesting for players is the new gameplay. We added 4 hours of gameplay, making the final act of the game longer. Players can now explore new locations, and face new characters.

We also added over 30 minutes of new cinematics and animations. These include the CG intro we presented earlier. It shows the main antagonist, so you know what Geralt is up against. Apart from that we added the final borads – you know, our game is about choice. Geralt’s decisions change the world state while you play. The final boards summarize what you did during the game and how it influenced the gameworld.

Console players will receive a new user interface and camera system, designed for the 360 gamepad. We think that this will allow the player to feel like a real sword master and make the great combat of The Witcher 2 even better.

2i: Because I’m a big player on Playstation 3, I have to ask yourself … Why Witcher 2 on the Sony PS3 has it been canceled?

Lucjan: It couldn’t be canceled, because it was never announced. We put all are effort to make the Enhanced Edition and even now we are concentrated on this project.

2i: I can not see games from Cdprojekt on Iphone or Ipad, what do you think of these platforms and have you feel like developing games or applications in the near future?

Lucjan: These platforms make more and more people interested in gaming. They make the gaming market grow and many people who try something on their phone change attitude towards video games. This change of perception of the gaming industry means that in the future all people we’ll be gamers. Consoles will be in the majority of housholds, which is good news. And CD Projekt RED will continue to make mature and complex titles – it’s unlikely that we start developing something for iOS or Android. We want to make serious AAA titles. Nevertheless we see how tablets and smartphones changed the way people perceive gaming.

2i: Can you explain to us what you are aiming for 2012 – 2013?

Lucjan: In Novemeber the studio announced it will be working on two multiplatform AAA games. Be sure to hear more in the future…

2i: Lucjan , many thanks for answering to 2nd-impact. Have you got an exclusive or upcoming title to be published soon?

Lucjan: Well the Enhanced Edition is coming on the 17th of April – and this is the only thing we announced that will come out soon. But we have some surprises up our sleeve.

2i: Thanks to you a lot for your work and give it to us One of the best games this year (THE BEST?). We wish you all the best.

Lucjan: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk. We hope you enjoy the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2 when it comes out.

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Lucjan Wiecek, Lead Environmental Artist , CD Projekt RED S.A. ,

Started working as 3d artist in 1996. His favorite topics include: composition, light, shapes and textures, photography, film camera and sound. Particularly he is interested in discovering brand new possibilities brought to the industry by both, new software and hardware.

Credits include: Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon (Shizm II) (PC), Sentinel: Descendants in Time (PC), Overclocked: A History of Violence (PC), The Witcher (PC), The Witcher Enhanced Edition (PC), The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC, Xbox360).

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