Good Movies: Brad, George, Hugh, and Justin!

Let’s talk about the latest movies to be seen. To be is not just to be you have to watch them for good.

Why? this is what it is going to talk about:

First but not least, go to Money ball, Brad Pitt is just a good choice because he kows how to make a good deal out of  a scenario.

Yes, true, here in Europe we do not know much about this sport but anyway this is  a very good movie about insiration, about changes, forget what you know and think different is all about what matter in this history. Inspiration can come out of a mathematical results, if you are crazy enough to get rid of the classical views, you give some very good changes into a dramatical situation. Haven’t you heard about that way of thinking? Get out of the box. What is also good here, is that it comes from a true story

Here you are going to be the box. incredible but true, this deep scenario is getting out of the tranch. OOOhh yes!

So this pretty baby has a brain and he is proving it again to us, with this very clever and unexpected choice: go and watch Money Ball, this is thrilling!

Another story is coming, yes t is! The Descendants

I love george Clooney and not for his body (not my type) but this one has proven for a long time that he was not much into money films but much more into deep emotions. With what he gives us all through this one, you can tell he has learn a lot from the Cohen brother’s, yes there is a touch of it in his play. (Director Alexander Payne (About Schmidt))  In Hawai, a real estate man is getting back into real life but it takes sometimes a big loss, this is the story of an incoming widower. Promesses of deeps emotions.

What else?  In another vocabulory, Real Steel, is making it, is working and we really want to know the rest of the story .

You have already heard these dialogues a thousand times but it still working. if you are ready for a good  comedy made out of some good shit… I would advise you to go for it. Not that it is an unforgatable story but well played and very full of good intentions.

I enjoyed it and that is the best I can say.

My latest GIRLY trip was for my lovely justin timberlake: Friends with benefits. Oh funny, well played and sexy ;)

So if you are alone and looking for some reveries: GO FOR IT!

What else? Again, like would say this handsome man, not that I am loving this coffee but the man… A lot of things can be said but just start with this and I will come along again with other good propositions!

best to you!

lola Van kaiguer

PS: about Alexander Payne: (Source IMDB)

Quote: I want all of my films to belong to me. There is an audience out there for literate films – slower, more observant, more human films, and they deserve to be made. Which is why I want Sideways (2004) to succeed, to encourage other film-makers.

Director, producer and screenwriter Alexander Payne was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Of Greek descent (the family name was changed from Papadopoulos), his parents George and Peggy ran a Greek restaurant. He has two older brothers.

Alexander attended Stanford University, where he majored in Spanish and History. He then went on to study film at UCLA Film School. His university thesis film was screened at the Sundance film festival, which led to him being backed by Miramax to write and direct Citizen Ruth (1996). Payne prefers to have control over his movies, from scripts to cast.

Frequently uses actual people in roles of minor characters in his movies (real life policemen for policemen, real life restaurant servers for servers, real life teachers for teachers)

Frequently incoporates telephone monologues as a dramatic device.

His films often revolve around adultery in marriage and relationships. (The descendants)

Among his favorite filmmakers: Akira KurosawaLuis BuñuelHal AshbyMartin Scorsese and Sergio Leone. 

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