Every time a Katamari game comes out it’s like a royal rainbow submerging your life with happy thoughts. In Japan people nationally gather in front of their local game store a day before release just to get their hands on a copy. The principal is as old as the world: roll & stick!

This time Namco Bandai has opted for the freshly new (function filled) PS Vita handheld system . However, does this Royal Rainbow live up to its predecessors? Let’s have a look into this unconventional Japanese game.

As usual the story stays untouched. The stars in the universe have been stolen and your father, King of The Cosmos, has ordered you to restore everything to its past glory. You, The Prince of Heavens (an ugly looking little green alien, which just has to be related to Zelda’s Tingle) are given the power of Katamari, a kind of sticky ball.

Objects, which you have to “stick up” are scattered around in a humongous world, and this has to be done under a time limit. You get quests from random people, whom live on the King’s head. After every “match” you ball is graded by the King. Every finished (or failed) quest gives you Candy which can be exchanged for various in game items.

Graphically the game looks OK but there is still much more to get out of the Vita then displayed here. Compared to the PS3 version the game has no cell shading which is a pity since the Vita is able to do so. But hey, this is definitely not the most important factor in this kind of game. What makes this game stand out is the superb humor displayed in the dialogues. Every now and then you also get a TV series like 3 minute animation about a katamari otaku’s life which is a welcome distracting extra. The animation is neatly done and grotesque to wish. Though, it’s a pity Namco Bandai didn’t add the Japanese audio track. Please we are in 2012! The English dub is OK but will never surpass the quality of the Japanese version.

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Is this game worth buying a Vita console? Yes and no? The game on itself stands out by it’s concept but the extra functions of the vita are barely used. The touch screen is only used to stretch your ball, (which is one of the new features not displayed in a previous game) and to jump.

The game will have DLC (which should be out as I am writing). These will add extra music packs to your game and can be purchased for a mere 50 euro cent on PSN.

Final word and rated

Being a Japanese game fan, I really enjoyed playing this game. If you are in search of a time filling game, with a lot of in-game content, difficult mechanics and high octane graphics you might best skip it. Instead if you want to have a laid-back gaming experience, JUST GO AND GET THIS GAME! ROYAL RAINBOW TO YA’LL!!

Story: 65/100
Graphics: 70/100
Sound: 80/100
Gameplay: 80/100
Fun: 100/100
Final score:
Get this if you like:

  • good soundtrack (if you like J-pop)
  • Funny dialogues
  • Basics of game are untouched
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Touch screen & classic controls

Ignore if you were looking for: 

  • Game shorter than the battery life of the PS Vita.
  • Can get repetitive.
  • Graphically this looks like a PSP game.

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